Urban sketching equals finding your tribe

Do you feel like you just don't fit in? I honestly have felt that way on and off through out my life.  Actually for me it was more post-high school.  I went to a junior college on a full ride scholarship and then finished my degree at a local 4 year institution.  I lived at home and commuted to both schools.  So college was actually a very isolating experience.  In my twenties, I ran 5ks for a while and had a few friends who ran and we would all hang out.  I felt like I'd found my tribe and then I damaged my knee.  Bye bye running tribe. When I started drawing, I found a new passion.  I started seeing things differently.  I was as I tend to be, a little obsessed.  I drew rather badly, all the time.  This year I found a group of people who love to draw.  They are passionate and kind. They want to help you and love to share tips about everything from the best markers to the best restaurants.  They live right in Chicago so they are local.  They are Urban sketchers.  They are awesome! This weekend I had the chance to attend their yearly seminar.  We got tote bags full of art supply goodies (who doesn't love S.W.A.G.).  We had different classes to choose from uber talented teachers. Then we got to head out into a beautiful city on a beautiful day with our new tribe.  It was the best.