Store closing

So, I have a Whole Foods, World Market and HomeGoods not too far from my house. Not too bad of an afternoon out. My mom and I would get groceries and then eat at the hot bar. Then we would shop at HomeGoods and World Market. Well, last night, we did this exact thing. I had a great time at HomeGoods. They still had some Christmas stuff. I found an adorable blue teapot from Mason Cash. Then we went down to World Market. My mom was looking for some storage stuff for her art desk. Well, this World Market is closing and reopening down the street. I was at first excited about the great deals. They had a lot off of what they had left…50, 60 percent off. Then by the time I reached the back of the store, I was a little sad. See this store is where I purchased my first real brand new sofa. Like a real grown up. With a matching chair and foot stool. I had to arrange for delivery and everything. It felt very powerful. I also purchased my outdoor table there along with many smaller things. When I got back from London and was sad that I missed London, I would go there and buy cookies from London. Anyway, the new store may be great. It may be better. But I felt that I was walking around from a dear friend I’d had for sometime.