The 100 day project

I’ve decided to join the 100 day project. I have about 20 days done now. I thought I’d take a few moments to reflect on the project and my current progress. So, in order to ensure that I’m doing the project, I numbered each page in a small Cannon sketchbook full of mixed media paper. I leave it on my kitchen table along with my favorite set of watercolors, pen, water brush and some assorted pens and markers. I have a blank page ready for each morning. While I eat my breakfast, I do a quick sketch or hand lettering or watercolor in my sketchbook. I’m not looking for anything polished in anyway. I’m not using digital art. I think it’s important to just get something down. As a result I have drawn or painted everything from Aquaman to an Old Bay Spice jar. I post the picture right away on Instagram. When I go on vacation in a couple months I think I will bring correctly numbered pages with me. That way I won’t have the bulk of another notebook.