a drawing a day

Just go draw

Do you make everything too hard for yourself?  I do... I totally do all the time!  So today's blog is meant to inspire you to just go create.  Just go draw.  Here's a list of things to inspire you, use it or not, it's up to you but GO...CREATE...

1.  a phone (try an old cool phone)

2.  a panther (or jaguar)

3.  a child

4.  a daisy

5.  a bird

6.  your favorite mug

7.  your pet

8.  a piece of mail

9.  a skull

10. your imaginary friend

11.  rain

12.  the sun

13.  water in some form

14.  a princess

15.  a hedgehog

16. a world landmark

17.  do some handlettering

18.  your pen or pencil

19.  a box

20.  a pillow