New work spaces

I worked late last night.  I was on a mission!  My office is a mess.  It has paperwork piled up everywhere.  My new Wacom tablet was hanging off the computer table.  In order to work, I had to squeeze past piles of papers and art to reach my chair.  I was tired of trying to work in that space.  In fact, I never work in that space.  I always lug my computer downstairs (it is a laptop) and work at the kitchen table.  So, last night, I got to work!  I started unloading my bookshelves to begin finding a spot for my new-to-me art books.  I moved my computer to a different table so I can sit facing the room instead of the wall.  I know have an empty table!  I can paint, draw, and do paperwork on my empty table.  There's plenty of space for my Wacom tablet to fit next to my laptop.  There's more organizing that needs to be done but I am happy with the space.