make art that sells

Ellis Island teacups

This month our assignment for MATS (Make Art that Sells) Bootcamp was to design a teacup or mug with an image from Ellis Island.  We are given trend boards with color themes, ideas to collect references and quotes.  Have I mentioned how much I am loving Bootcamp?  While looking through reference photos, I was inspired by the images of children who were sent to America during the World Wars.  Parents sent Jewish children and others to try to get them away from the attacks in Europe.  Some children went with siblings.  Others traveled in large groups of other children.  Just imagine for a moment, sending your child across the world.  The trip on the ship was at least a week.  Imagine being one of these children, just old enough to go off to school on their own and being sent across the sea.  Some photos show children smiling from ear to ear.  Others show somber faces.  It was quite interesting.  One photo that I know will stick in my heart for a long time showed three little ones maybe three years old.  They were examining the tag around their necks.  These were their id tags.  They looked like cardboard tags, like Paddington's tag.  My heart broke for these families.  I created an image of a teacup and teapot set that stacks.  It's meant to be a souvenir to remember these brave children of Ellis Island.  I posted the image on this site, too.

The start of school and the pause of art

In the beginning of the school year, my art time is very limited.  We are entering our 5th week of class.  As a first grade teacher, I'm just beginning get my head above water.  Last week was the first time that I've sat down with my watercolors for a while.  It felt good to get out the brush and water and let it move around on the paper.  There is something so therapeutic to watercolors.  Today I finally got back onto my webpage and worked through some of the things I'd wanted to do here.  I have new things I still need to add but I made a start.  Next month I am beginning a children's book illustration class with Lilla Rogers.  I am so excited for this class!  I am trying to decide if I want to take another online class through CalArts.  Maybe just one class is a good idea for the fall. 

Global Talent Search

I've just completed my first ever entry in Lila Roger's Global Talent Search.  It is a contest where the final prize is representation with her agency.  The assignment was great! You were to design a teacup, saucer and napkin for a bakery that was opening a tea room.  You could do anything. There wasn't a theme. You were to work in your own style. I designed at least 5 different sets before I chose one. The judges pick just 50. Honestly, there were so many great entry I doubt I'll make the 50 but I'm glad I tried. It was a fun project!