The 100 day project

I’ve decided to join the 100 day project. I have about 20 days done now. I thought I’d take a few moments to reflect on the project and my current progress. So, in order to ensure that I’m doing the project, I numbered each page in a small Cannon sketchbook full of mixed media paper. I leave it on my kitchen table along with my favorite set of watercolors, pen, water brush and some assorted pens and markers. I have a blank page ready for each morning. While I eat my breakfast, I do a quick sketch or hand lettering or watercolor in my sketchbook. I’m not looking for anything polished in anyway. I’m not using digital art. I think it’s important to just get something down. As a result I have drawn or painted everything from Aquaman to an Old Bay Spice jar. I post the picture right away on Instagram. When I go on vacation in a couple months I think I will bring correctly numbered pages with me. That way I won’t have the bulk of another notebook.

Alphabet book

I've written about motivation.  I find it very helpful to have a daily task to post on Instagram.  Lately, I started the 100 days project.  I began doing a sketchbook page each day.  Then, inspired by other artists in my MATS Bootcamp class, I began doing an alphabet page each day.  I am currently on M already!  Each page is done in Jane Davenport watercolor.  I am painting a type of fruit of veg for each day!  My favs so far are asparagus and guava!  It has been so much fun!  I've been sharing on my facebook page Christine Benda Illustration and my Instagram by the same name.  I should also say that I am loving Bootcamp!  I've never done it before.  There is an assignment a month.  Last month was roses on a gardening themed journal with a quote.  I can't wait for June's assignment!

Art motivation via Instagram

So my last blog was really about struggling to find motivation.  I have to say I have found a great free motivator on Instagram. There are many prompts out there for sketchbooks.  I have been using these prompts all winter.  When I look back at my sketchbook, I see that daily sketchbook work has helped me create some awesome pieces that I can use for other pieces.  My favorite was the month challenge for December. That is a busy month but having a daily challenge really helped motivate me!

Making time for your art

I spent the month of December doing a watercolor each day.  I learned a lot about myself during that time.  I've learned that has become increasingly difficult to take time to do my art. I'm not sure if it's because I'm not taking a class or if the pressures of teaching are taking over or if I'm watching too much tv.  I'm not sure.  I will say that somethings have helped.  Posting my work on Instagram helps.  I also wrote my own prompt sketchbook.  I labeled every page of my new sketchbook with a thing to draw or paint and did a page a day.  I did good at that during most of January.  I even ordered business cards, postcards and stickers with some of my work.  Now I have to figure out who to send these to.  I guess I feel a little lost at what to work on next with my art.  Do you ever feel that way? 

Traveling and drawing

I recently returned from a trip to London. It was a great trip. I feel very blessed that I was able to spend this time traveling with my mom.  When I left I had planned to spend a lot of time painting and drawing. In reality, I only did a few doodles in my sketchbook. I think it was because we were traveling and sightseeing so much that we hardly stopped to eat! The times when we could have taken a few minutes and painted or drawn, it was cold or raining.  One thing we had planned that was such an awesome experience was sketching DaVinchi's Virgin of the Rocks at the National Gallery. That was fantastic!!! Happy travels!

Saturday morning sketches

I love sketching people. So on Saturday, I headed to my favorite coffee shop for some sketching. I just started a new sketchbook. I've been watching YouTube videos of CalArts sketchbook submissions.  I have gotten some great ideas from these videos. My new favorite thing is to use post it notes to add a colored background. I also used black ink to make a background. I spent almost two hours sketching and I got a few pages of people sitting and talking, lining up to order and working on their laptops.