Updated webpage

Good morning! I just purged (I don’t like that word!) a bunch of old images from my webpage to start all fresh and clean. I also streamlined it so that I only have my contact page, sketchbook and homepage. I’m hoping it will be easier to manage. I also have a lot of images on Instagram so people could find more images there. It is my first official day of summer and I need to call the dentist. I’ve been putting it off for longer than I should. In the art world, I am thinking about purchasing a new laptop as mine is so slow. I am looking at iMac laptops. I’m very happy with my iPad and would like something that could work easily with the iPad. I want to be able to access the full photoshop program to edit my watercolor paintings. I think I need to make this purchase pretty soon so that I can work on stuff for my art show Alley Art Fest in Aurora on August 31. I’m going to print copies of digital and watercolor. I also want to try printing vinyl stickers. I’ve been in training for two days and just finished teaching last Friday so I am in a transition from crazy busy to relaxing. Thanks for reading my mind purge ;). Hope you have a great day!!