Updated webpage

Good morning! I just purged (I don’t like that word!) a bunch of old images from my webpage to start all fresh and clean. I also streamlined it so that I only have my contact page, sketchbook and homepage. I’m hoping it will be easier to manage. I also have a lot of images on Instagram so people could find more images there. It is my first official day of summer and I need to call the dentist. I’ve been putting it off for longer than I should. In the art world, I am thinking about purchasing a new laptop as mine is so slow. I am looking at iMac laptops. I’m very happy with my iPad and would like something that could work easily with the iPad. I want to be able to access the full photoshop program to edit my watercolor paintings. I think I need to make this purchase pretty soon so that I can work on stuff for my art show Alley Art Fest in Aurora on August 31. I’m going to print copies of digital and watercolor. I also want to try printing vinyl stickers. I’ve been in training for two days and just finished teaching last Friday so I am in a transition from crazy busy to relaxing. Thanks for reading my mind purge ;). Hope you have a great day!!

The start of school and the pause of art

In the beginning of the school year, my art time is very limited.  We are entering our 5th week of class.  As a first grade teacher, I'm just beginning get my head above water.  Last week was the first time that I've sat down with my watercolors for a while.  It felt good to get out the brush and water and let it move around on the paper.  There is something so therapeutic to watercolors.  Today I finally got back onto my webpage and worked through some of the things I'd wanted to do here.  I have new things I still need to add but I made a start.  Next month I am beginning a children's book illustration class with Lilla Rogers.  I am so excited for this class!  I am trying to decide if I want to take another online class through CalArts.  Maybe just one class is a good idea for the fall.